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Ririka---from "Ririka SOS" Sorry,this page is written in Japanese the most part.
Your machine doesn't have "Kanji Font"?
You can't read Japanese?
But,it's OK. You can enjoy some illustrations here.

This is the page of Video Games,ANIME and M:tG.
If you are fond of them,please come to see my page.

You are free to link my page.
But,if you'd like to do so,please send E-mail to me if possible.
(I want mail in English or in Japanese.)

"Hyakuyousou" and "Kazamidori" are Japanese words.
"Hyakuyousou" means "screen" that is the box watching weather.
"Kazamidori" means "weathercock".
"Kazamidori" is my handle name.

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