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Illustrations from "Ririka SOS"

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But these pages are in Japanese,sorry.
ririka21 ririka23 ririka25
Title of "Ririka Network". Package of my works. "Angel Heart" poster.

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Graphics format is "MAG" or "Jpeg".
You must get viewer for them.
kaze_007.lzh From "Saint Tail,the Thief" (ANIME) [MAG]
kaze_009.lzh From "KEY the Metal Idol" (ANIME) [JPEG]
kz_cat01.lzh Original [JPEG]
kz_arn01.lzh From "Airin Dream" (Girls' MANGA) [MAG(256 colors)]
kz_daisy.lzh From "Happy Talk" (Girls' MANGA) [MAG]

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